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  • Complete GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE]
  • For GATE and All PSU Sectors Exams
  • Covers Full Syllabus Contains Total 13 Study materials
  • Written by Top Faculties and GATE Toppers from India
  • Detailed Covered All Topics, Concepts, Short Tricks and Much More
  • Fully Covered from Basic to Advanced Level
  • Based on the Latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus
  • Genuine Quality & Most Preferred
  • Chance to get the highest Scores in your Exam

GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material (All in One), The Best Handwritten Toppers Lecture Notes Full Syllabus Covered Book Buy (XE): Students prepare for the entrance exams, to get success in the first attempt itself. Only if you get the right resources at the right time, it is not difficult to clear the exams. Focussing on a single reliable resource would be easy for you to prepare from.

The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is the perfect one-stop resource. The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is  100% authentic, affordable, and as per the latest examination trends. Also, for The students who wish to study on their own for the entrance exam, The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is the best option available.

List of Study Material in Full Package
Complete Syllabus
  1. Engineering Mathematics [1]
  2. Engineering Mathematics [2]
  3. Fluid mechanics
  4. Material Science
  5. Solid mechanics
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Polymer Science and Engineering
  8. Food technology
  9. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


It will not only save your money but also save your precious time wasted on collecting material from various resources. Preparing from the GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE], will not only boost up your preparation but also give you the needed level of confidence for your exam.

The GATE Engineering Sciences [XE] paper is of general nature. The syllabus is divided into 9 board sections. Out of these sections, General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics is compulsory for all the XE students, and from the remaining sections, students are supposed to choose any two out of the 7 sections. They are:- Fluid Mechanics(XE-B), Material Science (XE-C), Solid Mechanics (XE-D), Thermodynamics(XE-E), Polymer Science And Engineering (XE-F), Food Technology(XE-G), and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences(XE-H).

The detailed syllabus of the GATE Engineering Sciences [XE] paper is given below:-

Engineering Mathematics[XE-A]: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Complex variables, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods.

Fluid Mechanics[XE-B]: Fluid and Flow Properties, Kinematics, Integral Analysis, Differential Analysis, Dimensional analysis, Internal Flows, Bernoulli’s Equation, and its Applications, Potential Flows.

Materials Science[XE-C]: Classification and Structure of Materials; Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Phase Transformations; Properties and Applications of Materials; Characterization and Measurements of Properties; Processing of Materials; Degradation of Materials.

Solid Mechanics[XE-D]: Mechanics of Rigid bodies; Mechanics of deformable bodies; Vibrations

Thermodynamics[XE-E]: Basic Concepts, First Law of Thermodynamics; Second law of Thermodynamics; Properties of Pure Substances; Thermodynamic Relations; Thermodynamic Cycles; Ideal Gas Mixtures.

Polymer Science and Engineering [XE-F]: Chemistry of High Polymers; Polymer Characterization; Synthesis, Manufacturing, and Properties; Polymer blends and composites; Polymer Technology; Polymer rheology; Polymer processing; Polymer testing; Polymer Recycling and Waste Management.

Food Technology [XE-G]: Food Chemistry and Nutrition; Food Microbiology, Food Products Technology; Food Engineering.

Atmospheric & Ocean Science [XE-H]: Atmospheric Science, Ocean Sciences

General Aptitude: Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability

The GATE Engineering Sciences [XE] Exam, is a computer-based online exam. The total time duration of the exam is 3 hours. The question paper will consist of 65 questions with a total of 100 marks. There will be a negative marking of 1/3rd marks for every 1 mark question and a 2/3rd mark will be deducted for every 2 mark question. There will be no negative marking for NAT-based questions.

How will the GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] boost your exam preparation?

The syllabus is revised every year and the exam patterns also keep changing, the GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is updated every year according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

The practical subjects require a detailed understanding of the concepts and basics in a crisp manner. The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] provides you with the requisite information avoiding unnecessary information relating to the topics.

The difficulty level of the paper is determined by how the questions are framed, and what are the questions asked. The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is the perfect resource for you, as it also gives you the idea of how different questions can be framed from a topic.

Multiple Choice Questions can be confusing at times. To avoid such dilemmas at the examination hall, you should keep your concepts clear and to the point. Guesswork is not the best available option for you when appearing for practical subjects. Too much-unwanted information can also arise similar problems. Opt for The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] to avoid any such problems.

Practice is the key.To attempt the Numerical Answer Test correctly you need to practice well before appearing for the exams. Following The Best Book for GATE XE helps you complete the syllabus well ahead giving you enough time to revise, practice, and focus on the weak areas.

The Best Book for GATE XE divides the GATE Engineering Sciences[XE] syllabus in a manner where you can attempt mock tests and solve sample papers at the end of each topic and analyze your performance.

The Best Book for GATE XE is the perfect guide in your path to success. It highlights all the important areas asked in previous year’s papers giving you an idea about the pattern and the type of questions being asked.

The lucid explanations in the Best Book for GATE XE help in fast learning and the use of examples and pointers makes the topic easy to understand and remember. You can just highlight the important points and note down the formulas for your last-minute revision.

Apart from studying, there are other preparation tips to follow to assure complete success:-

Students must be consistent throughout their preparation process. Breaking the flow hampers the preparation leading to the overlapping of concepts.

Students must be well aware of the latest syllabus and other updates from time to time.

Students must go through the Previous Year’s papers before kick-starting their preparation. This will give the students an idea of the type and nature of questions asked.

Studying from a single source is a must when going through a large number of materials. The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] is the best option to go for.

Revision is a must. The students should revise frequently the topics covered to brush up on the information, where forgetting important information is common when dealing with exam pressure.

Students should attempt and solve as many mock tests as possible before appearing for the exam. This helps to keep the preparation of students in check.

Unnecessary stress can affect the student’s preparation and performance in the exams as well. Regular study and revision help the student in reducing stress.

Time Management during exams is necessary. Proper allotment of time to each and every question is necessary during the exams. Practicing mock tests give the students ideas on what question to attempt.

Summing it all up, you need to be well aware of the syllabus, the pattern of questions asked in the exam. The GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material [XE] gives all the required information along with 100% authentic and reliable resources for your preparation.

You just need to get the material and start studying. The Best Book for GATE XE is compiled in such a manner, suitable for all the new and experienced candidates.

The study material avoids any unnecessary content allowing you to grasp only the important quality concepts and information. Time is precious and to crack the exam in an easy way, we guided you with the best option. IT’S TIME TO STUDY SMART NOT HARD.

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    I have been using this material for the last 2 weeks and it has been very helpful in clearing my concepts of some of the most difficult subjects. The notes are very well written and still in a very simple language for the students. I would highly recommend this material for all GATE aspirants.

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    by Anu

    It’s a gate study material written by experienced faculty members of IITs, IISc, and NITs. It covers the syllabus of all the subjects which are asked in the GATE exam. It is handwritten and not printed. The toppers’ lecture notes are included in this material. The material is prepared by GATE toppers and the best faculty members of IITs, IISc, and NITs.

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    it helped me a lot in cracking GATE and my rank was in top 100 GATE 2022.

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    This book is wrote in really simple language and is thus easier to understand I highly recommend it

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    GATE Complete Study Material by,written by top faculties and toppers from India is the best book available for GATE preparation.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Excellent analysis but some lines are not women centric

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    I have studied this material for gate exam preparation. It helped me a lot to get a good rank in gate exam.

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    It covers all the important topics in detail and make the students ready for the exam.

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GATE Engineering Sciences Study Material (All in One), The Best Handwritten Toppers Lecture Notes Full Syllabus Covered Book Buy (XE)


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