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  • Complete IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE)
  • Indian Engineering Services (IES)
  • For ESE, GATE, and All PSU Sectors Exams
  • Covers Full Syllabus Contains Total 13 Study materials
  • Written by Top Faculties and IES Toppers from India
  • Detailed Covered All Topics, Concepts, Short Tricks, and Much More
  • Fully Covered from Basic to Advanced Level
  • Based on the Latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus
  • Genuine Quality & Most Preferred
  • Chance to get the highest Scores in your Exam
  • Delivery in 5 to 7 days
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IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (All in One), The Best Handwritten Toppers Lecture Notes Full Syllabus Covered Book Buy (ESE EE): Electrical engineering aspirants, IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) (EE) is the perfect solution for all your academic problems. IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) contains notes of toppers that provide you with crystal clear concepts of every aspect of your electrical engineering study.

The study material is 100% trustworthy and genuine. Why waste money on other study materials when u have IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) at your fingertip.

The world today is very competitive, u cannot succeed unless you are one of the best in the field, our study material helps u achieve success. we use the notes of toppers to create the study materials, so whatever may be your slightest doubts about any topic in the syllabus of electrical engineering we have the solution for it in IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE).

List of Study Material in Full Package
Complete Syllabus
  1. Engineering Mathematics (1)
  2. Engineering Mathematics (2)
  3. Analog and Digital Electronics
  4. Systems and Signal Processing
  5. Control Systems
  6. Electrical Machines
  7. Power Systems
  8. Power Electronics and Drives
  9. Electrical and Electronic Measurements
  10. Basic Electrical Engineering
  11. Computer Fundamentals
  12. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  13. Electrical Materials


Problems faced by students:-

For a course like electrical engineering, the students must be going through a lot of syllabi and may have doubts about all parts of it, with this study material we provide you with solutions that gives a very clear image of the concept. We created IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) with uttermost perfection even to minute topics and areas of the syllabus so that our users find it very easy and trustworthy. As you know, well begun is already half done. Choosing the right study material will give you a head start to achieve your goal.

IES study material is developed according to the latest syllabus. and includes a lot of practice questions to increase the speed and accuracy of the students.

All the theory parts are explained very well with respect to the order of the syllabus. one of the most highlighted features of IES Electrical Engineering the Best Preparation Book (EE) is that the language is very easy for the users to understand.

Students often tend to lack the basics topics of the syllabus which makes it hard for them to grab the topics with more difficulty. Our IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) is very easy to use for a wide range of aspirants and the students get a quick idea of the basics when they go through the material.

IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) can also be used for quick recaps of the topics before u go to attend an examination, normal or competitive. the study material can also be used by aspirants who are preparing for the exam on short notice as the content is thoroughly explained and the language is very user-friendly.

As u know a lot of education these days are being conducted online, the students are facing a lot of problems accommodating the change in the system. When following such a system it is best if u rely upon a study material that is available for u whenever u find a need to use it. This flexibility of your schedule will not be available if you only rely upon a tutor throughout your course of electrical engineering course.

Response from our users:-

IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) has been receiving positive reviews from a lion’s share of users. The material covers all topics and every doubt a student might face while studying the electrical engineering course.

Our material is specially designed in such a way that the material is apt for both highly intellectual students as well as students who are average in academics. We focus on explaining the topic in detail from its very basic concepts, which makes it apt for every type of student using the IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE).

As described earlier the wide range of users of our material gives a very positive review about our product which shows that we were able to succeed in our venture to provide material for all ranges of students.

Importance in today’s pandemic situation: role of IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE):-

As we are going through a very difficult pandemic situation, the education systems have changed to online education. Online education and self-study are the best ways to study because they provide you with the flexibility of your schedule. This is the time when the students find the most need for ideal study material.

A lot of students go for other study materials and are not satisfied with the product but when they use our product they find the difference in quality and accessibility of IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE).

As it is the most user-friendly learning companion u can find out there in the market. The increase in our sales rate also sums up the quality and efficiency of our IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE), the review of our products in our online sites also supports the same, making it a trustworthy purchase for you.

The students after using our study materials find it very helpful in their venture and recommend it to their friends and colleagues and they do the same, this gives a very good indication that our product is one of the favorites for the users. Only a good quality product will be advertised by the ‘user to customer’ method.

IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) is very user-friendly for all types of students and is sure to assist and guide you through the difficult situations you may face during your course.

For a study material that teaches you every detail of every topic in the syllabus, explains every part of the theory for students with all ranges of academic caliber, contains questions to test and strengthen your knowledge, and clears all your doubts. Get IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE) to enjoy a pressure-free learning experience and excel in the field.

Education is not merely the study of books. It’s concerned with day-to-day activities and related to our normal life. Education must benefit a student academically, but it also has to work out some kind of impact in life.

The IES Electrical Engineering The Best Handwritten Notes are not just confined to theories, it also contains practical examples and situations where there is an application of what we have studied.

One student must stay mentally healthy and stress-free in order to concentrate on everyday lessons. Stress will not contribute to success. The IES Electrical Engineering textbooks pave the way for the children to handle their lessons accurately and without much worry.

Every module is explained in a very simple language and every student can study covering the whole syllabus.

The study pattern and methodology of the study materials are innovative and up-to-date. This will help the student to become acquainted with the latest knowledge.

The main attraction is that there is a well-prepared note available for the students for their revisions and there is nothing to worry about completing the notes. It’s very difficult to prepare notes while hearing the online classes.

The study materials which are professionally prepared and which cover the whole syllabus comprehensively is a great relief for all the students.

Disorganization and lack of proper guidance is the main issue faced by every student in the field of education.A disorganized education will not benefit a student, but it will negatively impact their academics and daily life. The IES Electrical Engineering Study Material (EE)s have an organized way of presentation and the student can repeatedly go through the subjects more clearly by revising topic wise or module wise.

The right decision will always give you the right results. So be wise to select the most appropriate one for your academic and career excellence.

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  1. 59

    by sunil kumar

    Not bad

    not bad

  2. 59

    by vishali sharma

    quality is really good


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  3. 59

    by Anantharaman


    A material which remember and last minute follow up guide,nice work by team

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  4. 59

    by Anonymous

    For IES, GATE & PSUs
  5. 59

    by Ankit Yadav

    book was in good condition

    its nice…

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  6. 59

    by Rajendra Vasava

    Excellent book.

    Fully cover this book

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  7. 59

    by Hemraj

    Five Stars

    Nice book

  8. 59


    Nice book

    Nice book

  9. 59

    by DEVI PRASAD Maurya

    Best book

    Very helpful book with solution of every numerical and some theorical questions

  10. 59

    by T Vignesh nayakT Vignesh nayak

    Great book for GATE & IES!

    Nice book

    8 people found this helpful

  11. 59

    by adibabu

    jack minds

    incrased price after loaded the balance….

  12. 59

    by Ashutosh singh


    Good book but mainly concern Gate, IES, PSU.

  13. 59

    by Kharde

    Only for ESE aspirants

    Book has many MCQ’s but less numericals, also numericals are very basic not up to GATE level. Book is good for ESE aspirants.For gate aspirants it’s not that useful

    3 people found this helpful

  14. 59

    by Mini


    I liked it. It so helpful

  15. 59

    by devkishan

    Good in condition and fast delivery

    Good book with a lot of examples

    4 people found this helpful

  16. 59

    by Pratiksha

    Good Product

    Overall Good book ,lot’s of questions but questions needs to be divided into several categories

    18 people found this helpful

  17. 59


    Best Studybook

    This book is very useful for technical examinations.And good service

    32 people found this helpful

  18. 59

    by Rahul

    Four Stars

    6 people found this helpful

  19. 59

    by Ch prasanna naik

    best for many exams

    best book for eee thanks made easy

  20. 59

    by Prashant Pandey

    Great compilation!!!

    Superb collection of quality questions for both ese and gate students. A must have for the students during their preparation.

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  21. 59

    by Arun Subramanian



  22. 59

    by Vivek KumarVivek Kumar

    Good Book for Gate, IES, PSU preparation

    Excellent book and also excellent discount thks Toppersbooks

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  23. 59

    by Naga sai



  24. 59

    by Haresh

    It’s good
  25. 59

    by Astha


    Good book for Study and revision

  26. 59

    by Dev kumar


    Thanks you Toppersbooks

  27. 59

    by muzamil fayaz


    Most of questions are therotical

    One person found this helpful

  28. 59

    by Dhrumil

    Good work

    The book is quite good for Understanding and better practice.Must buy.Ignore the reviews stating solution not given.

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  29. 59

    by Shanthi


    Excellent book.. For Gate, IES, PSU preparation

  30. 59

    by Aman

    Four Stars

    Through out quick revision is very easy.

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  31. 59

    by Shree


    Good question pattern.

  32. 59


    Quality and standard study material and institute are the best

  33. 59

    by Sunil


    Nice one for All.

  34. 59

    by SUNDAR R.



  35. 59

    by velish sharma



  36. 59

    by Pravin kumar

    For IES & gate aspirants

    This book is for gate ,IES , PSU aspirants recommend this book.Thank you.

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  37. 59

    by Prabhakar Saha

    Up to expectations

    Really good book for gate and ese

  38. 59

    by SriKanth

    Five Stars

    Good book for Gate, IES, PSU

  39. 59

    by Shivangi

    Good book

    Good book

  40. 59


    A good book delivered rightly on time

    I am doing preparation for my gate & IES exam and this book contains all theories and Related questions for a thorough practice

    5 people found this helpful

  41. 59

    by Naganand mopuru

    Best buy

    Good book for revision

  42. 59



    Nice one

  43. 59

    by Subhadip G.


    Nice book….Good content 👌

  44. 59

    by Paidi Rajashekar

    Nice book

    Covers complete syllabus ok fine good book

    One person found this helpful

  45. 59

    by Aman

    Five Stars


  46. 59

    by Riyaz

    Can come in handy but don’t solely rely on it.

    The book’s cover says that fully solved.

  47. 59

    by Aman

    Latest Reprint


  48. 59


    Five Stars

    Great book

  49. 59

    by $ARTHAK

    Five Stars

    nice book with minimum printing errors

  50. 59

    by Edwin

    Good Book

    Very useful to all competitions, Excellent questions and explanation

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  51. 59

    by yousuf

    As expected


  52. 59

    by Ganesh Muni

    Five Stars

    good book…various kinds of questions.topicwise question and good explanation..

  53. 59

    by Akhilesh

    Helpful Book

    One of a good book for electrical engineering IES Preparation.

    One person found this helpful

  54. 59


    Nice book

    Good set of questions to practice. But this if you want to practice more questions and realise where you stand.

  55. 59

    by shuvajit das



  56. 59

    by Anubhav Pandey


    Nice compilation

  57. 59

    by Shubhankar Thakur


    Was great

  58. 59

    by AkshayAkshay


    Too useful as per technical examination is concerned….. 

  59. 59

    by Aman

    Five Stars

    Very Good

    One person found this helpful

  60. 59

    by Reshi

    Product is good,worth it

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